Vendredi 30 mars                                                      Mr Pégard S4                                                Spring Break homework

Bonjour à tous! Voici les devoirs pour les vacances:

  • Learn / revise sections 21 to 25 included on your vocabulary sheet
  • Cmplete the Listening General paper from 2010.

You can download the paper and the listening track in MP3  format by using the links below:

Listening Track General 2010


To access more past papers, you can go to the SQA website by clicking here.





Vendredi 2 mars                                                          Mr Pégard S4                                           Speaking preparation


Bonjour! Désolé pour ce retard , mais voici enfin les points à mentioner dans votre examen oral.

To access the questions I will ask you for your speaking assessment, please click here.



Mercredi 22 février 2012                                           Mr Pégard  S3                                     Speaking preparation

Bonjour à tous, les troisièmes années!

As promised, here is the detailed preparation sheet for your speaking.
Remember: your first draft is due on Tuesday 28 February!

To download the preparation sheet (word document), click here.


Mercredi  14 décembre                                                Mr Pégard’s S4                         Bullet Points for Folio piece

Bonjour à tous!

Here are the bullet points for your folio piece on pocket money / shopping.

  • How much pocket money you get
  • What you do to get (more) pocket money
  • What do you usually buy / do with your pocket money
  • What sorts of shops do you like to go to
  • Introduce a recent shopping trip
  • Say where you went and who with
  • What you bought
  • When and where you bought it
  • What you would like to do/ buy if you had enough money / once you have saved enough.

We are currently working on tis in class, but remember:

!!!!!First draft is due on Tuesday 20 december!!!!!


Lundi 12 décembre 2011:                        Christmas break homework

Please complete the Listening and the Reading past papers from 2011.

To access the past papers, including the audio file, click on the picture below

click me!


Your homework is due Tuesday 10 January 2012.

!!!Prelims fast approaching!!!!

French prelims will take place on:

Tuesday 6 December
periods 4-6

 Kamyoka room

Keep cool!

What do I need to do?

  • Make sure you check your seat number
  • Bring your dictionary
  • Bring 2 pens
  • Arrive on time!

Practising my French:

For a copy of the list of websites I handed out in class, click here.

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