Lundi vingt-et-un février 2012:                   Les devoirs

Here is a couple of online activities to practice the names of places in town. This is a good extension after our unit on Paris.Les devoirs

Start with this one: it’s a memory game. To start, click here.

Now, move on to this other one: you need to slide the names of the places under the correct picture.
To start, click here.

To practice further your vocabulary, what about a knots and crosses game?

Add even more words with this crosswords activity!

Don’t forget to leave us a wee comment to tell us what you thought of the activities!

À bientôt!

                                                                             Monsieur Pégard

Lundi cinq décembre 2011:            Stuck in the snow???

If you’re stuck at home, here is what you can do to stay on track.
After the countries, today we are looking at the French words for different means of transport. It’s very easy!

Go to the Languages On Line website.
This link will take you straight to a series of games to practise  the topic of transports. Just work your way through the activities.

Amusez-vous bien! (Have fun!)

Monsieur Pégard

4 responses »

  1. Tony O'Neill says:

    I really enjoyed the activity! i mostly enjoyed the cross word activity but it was really difficult to find the words! 🙂

  2. kevin ward says:

    It was really fun activities and i enjoyed doing them !!!

  3. Emma says:

    It was good because it was something different!

  4. james kelly says:

    activities were really good and homework was actually enjoyable for once !!! 😀

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